Fields of Interest:

International Trade, International Macroeconomics, Labor, Applied Econometrics

Trade and Labor:

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Import exposure and skill content: Plant-level evidence from the U.S. (with T. Clay McManus, Jooyoun Park, and Georg Schaur) - Feb 2019

FDI and the task content of domestic employment for US multinationals (with Alexis Grimm) - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute Working Paper No. 286 (also listed as BEA Working Paper WP2016-06) - revised Apr 2017

Domestic employment in US-based multinational companies (with Elizabeth Weber Handwerker and Lowell Mason) - Monthly Labor Review, Oct 2011

Integration, agglomeration, and costly adjustment of labor - revised Feb 2016

International Trade Prices:

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Asymmetries and non-linearities in exchange rate pass-through (with Logan Lewis and Robert Vigfusson) - Nov 2018

The impact of globalization on prices: A test of hedonic price indexes for imports (with Marshall Reinsdorf) - In Measuring Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy, S. Houseman and M. Mandel, eds., 2015

International trade price stickiness and exchange rate pass-through in micro data: A case study on US-China trade (with Deokwoo Nam, Jian Wang, and Jason Wu) - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute Working Paper No. 135, Aug 2013 - revised Mar 2018

IPP Research Database (with Taylor Blackburn and Rozi Ulics) - Sep 2015

Quality Adjustment in Import Price Indexes (with Marshall Reinsdorf) - Dec 2014

Works in Progress:

Import exposure and reorganization (with Jooyoun Park and Georg Schaur)

The impact of multinational activity on domestic wage distributions

Digital currency pricing - Is it the future? (with Gina Pieters)

Trade and real wages (with Xavier Jaravel, Erick Sager, and Georg Schaur)

Does trade liberalization affect labor market churning? (with Hugette Sun)

Dormant Projects:

European enlargement and the free movement of labor - revised Apr 2009

Agglomeration, imperfect labor mobility, and tax competition - revised Aug 2007

Input Price Index with International Trade (with Ted To) - revised 2009